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P&G expects organic sales growth "to further strengthen inthe back half," Chief Executive A.G
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Monsanto is also facing mounting litigation over the issueas law firms representing U.S
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Another of Yankovic’s great rap parodies is this 1999 remake of P
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If it's not there (with Beckham), or they're playing a different coverage, or stuff happens, I'm going through my progressions
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As it says above the remembrance service could easily be considerably shortened as well while remaining a dignified and important event.
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Google isn’t the one managing the service, but rather it’s being run by its nongovernmental partners.
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Rodriguez, holds the Guinness World Record for the largest feet, with 40.1 cm (1 ft 3.79 in) on the right foot and 39.6 cm (1 ft 3.59 in) on the left foot
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"There's probably a honeymoon period," said veteran Republican Representative Mike Simpson of Ryan's likely tenure in the House's most powerful post
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"The only thing that we really have to consider is the cold in the morning
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It's a place that's been hit hard.
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Sulfur emissions ARE NOT GREENHOUSE GASES and the article carefully separates the two
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"We'll let you all write the columns about validating wins and stuff like that.
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"Any belongings of theirs confiscated, such as laptops, phones and USB sticks should be immediately returned", Tsering Passang, chairman of the Tibetan community in Britain, said in a statement.
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They took arms from cadavers, attached them to wooden boards and tied fishing wire to the tendons of the forearm
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It is a nation that faces the circumstances it finds itself under with courage,” he told MPs.
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The hamstring didn’t appear to be a problem in the first half of the loss, as Beckham caught all seven of the balls thrown his way for 61 yards and a touchdown
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Donohue said the chamber, which backed a handful of Democrats in the 2014 elections, does not support as many Democrats as it once did.
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A Los Angeles County Superior Court jury convicted Summers of more than 30 felony counts, including kidnapping to commit rape, forcible lewd acts and aggravated sexual assault.
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The former two hitrecord highs, while Microsoft rose to a 15-year high.
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"We're set up, we have our food and water, and we're just going to be in meditation and sending prayers for the area," Roth said.
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Development Programme in coordination with the government.
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Leonard Cohen, another undeniably imperfect singer, expressed one of them quite beautifully in "Anthem" from 1992:
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He added that they were being taken to a shelter on a university campus.
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"These are the most important elections in the history of Tunisia," he says with a broad smile
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"Basically they are covering the same ground over and over again, information that we've had in some instances for two or three years
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(Additional reporting by Angeliki Koutantou, GeorgeGeorgiopoulos; writing by Michele Kambas; Editing by Larry King)
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Also, if you want a rMBP with dedicated graphics you have to compromise on size and cost and go for the 15-inch model
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Republican Representative Jim Jordan said Clinton had misleadingly implied after the attack that it was a reaction to an anti-Muslim video
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The UK National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) guideline for ME/CFS emphasises the importance of an early diagnosis
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I mean, that's why these types always eat their own and self destruct,
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1 in East Los Angeles, all designed to encourage more Californians to come under the health care umbrella.
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"Argo was diagnosed with bone cancer, but refused to let it slow him down," the sheriff's office wrote in a Facebook post
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In a statement on Friday, Christie said he would support a more comprehensive solution that includes access to mental health treatment
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"But one thing we're certain of is that we're facing a hurricane of a scale we've never ever seen," he said in a local radio interview shortly before U.S
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The gathering threatens to heighten tensions in the city, where Palestinian demonstrators clashed recently with Israeli troops.
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The Treasury Department has said that by Nov
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Guess who just popped up in the Kremlin? Bashar al-Assad, Syrian dictator and destroyer, now Vladimir Putin’s newest pet
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It’s something we’ll continue to look at.”
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retirement savers as they offer a variable rate of income often above a guaranteed minimum level, rather than the fixed-rate annuities most commonly seen in Britain.
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Contemporary socialism certainly seems a bit girlygay.
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They would pick until we were done with the book.”
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The $3.5m (2.3m) Atlantis Massif expedition has been organized by ECORD, the European Consortium of Ocean Research Drilling, as part of the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)
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It didn’t hurt when the Mets revamped their lineup
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A doctor who is an ME/CFS specialist was recommended to me via the Irish ME/CFS Association
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military during his tenure over the direction of the anti-ISIS campaign
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But also I feel like every album I'm ever going to write is always going to be following 21
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By end of 2013, 10,373 people in Trollhattan, a town of 56,000, were foreign-born, according to official figures, with most coming from the Middle East, the Balkans and Ethiopia
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Arizona paid nearly $27,000 for sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that has been used to carry out executions but is no longer manufactured by FDA-approved companies, the documents said
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Out of loyalty to Krzyzewski, Colangelo would've never afforded another college coach that influence as long as Krzyzewski stayed at Duke.
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market interest rates and gains in U.S
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Arizona paid nearly $27,000 for sodium thiopental, an anesthetic that has been used to carry out executions but is no longer manufactured by FDA-approved companies, the documents said
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There would be no process, no competition
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The event was “initiated” by activists Dr
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When Clinton was secretary, a cable went out under her name directing employees to "avoid conducting official Department business from your personal email accounts" even as she continued doing so.
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This year, airlines have taken advantage of cheaper fuel to increase flights or use bigger planes
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If your body is "female" then your brain is female
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"It is one of those dresses that works well on the body," Cobb said of the style, which is called “The Phyllis.” "This dress is meant to be effortless
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The loudspeaker, more than the Kalashnikov, is the single most important source of religious mischief in our society
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that the quality of their student experience will be in no way compromised".
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We in no way condone discriminatory comments of any kind.”
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Hehas vowed to continue Munoz's tone of reconciliation betweenmanagement and workers
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"This problem is not going away
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McCormac says that allows for more insects in the area, and the spiders followed their food.
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The next year, his contract was purchased by the Dodgers and he was brought up to play first base, a new position for Robinson.
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The legislation would have tapped overseas contingency money intended for emergencies and war spending to help the Defense Department sidestep budget restrictions imposed by Congress across the board
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San Francisco-based Diamond has struggled to boost sales this year
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The Aloft TiGi menu - the abbreviation stands for “text it, get it” - includes six items
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And I don’t just mean that we were both robbed in the final minutes of the Rugby World Cup quarter-finals
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Pierson resigned earlier this year after embarrassing security lapses in the agency's efforts to protect the president were revealed.
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rate hike morelikely this year.
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He settled down and managed 19 minutes, scoring eight points on 4-of-9 shooting
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Under the deal signed with six world powers, Iran agreed to limit nuclear activities in return for sanctions relief.
If you had a disciplinary issue in college, spend most of the essay demonstrating that you learned from the experience and have been an ideal citizen ever since
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“Until we know who we’re playing, that’s going to dictate a lot of who is on the roster.”
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I am ready to get to work.”
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He’s been practicing running while crocheting on a treadmill, and can now craft one palm-sized flower every 11 to 12 minutes
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