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We wanted to make sure we didn’t do something foolish

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This is the only game where one team tattled on the other and cost the head coach $500K and a first round pick.

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"Women used to starve in order to lose weight

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In contrast, dacarbazine, another form ofchemotherapy, delayed the progression by an average of 1.5months after initiating therapy.

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They showered her with everything they got and she triumphed

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It's not hard to imagine how Nato could be dragged into a wider conflict.

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The loonie and kiwi both fell against the dollar aftergaining in early trading

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Some of the students had boarded dozens of buses to travel the 54 kilometers (34 miles) from Johannesburg to the capital.

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“The company has an Apple Store approach to service

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The Slovenian Interior Ministry said that a total of 50,400 had entered the country since Saturday, and some 10,300 are at the moment in the tiny country.

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The goal is to literally offer healthcare and education from birth through graduation.

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Months later, that person contacted the scientists informing them that he had been diagnosed, making Milne correct on all 12 counts.

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It is a common complaint among elected members that the five permanent members routinely exclude them from initial negotiations on some issues and that the situation has worsened in recent years.

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The Insurance and Investments segment offers life assurance, pensions and savings products, general insurance, and fund management services

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I just don’t think it will work.”

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It serves to promote Pakistan’s backward image, besides encouraging criminal behaviour

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So the headline is PATENTLY FALSE.

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They got the pictures they wanted in gilded carriages and Buckingham palace

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My father needs to be abroad to take care of her

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But even when arguing in general, pandering to the lowest common denominator just waters down the effectiveness of the argument.

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And while Einstein picked the right word when he called quantum entanglement spooky, the Delft study now shows that it’s very real too.

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We first encountered Azam on 9 September in southern Serbia at Preshevo

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When the ACS began advocating for early detection, it believed that breast and other cancers stayed localized for years, spreading only late in their course

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Pneumococcal disease is caused by a common bacterium, Streptococcus pneumoniae, which can attack different parts of the body

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Beyond golf, the new Communist Party rules also mention "improper sexual relations", broadening the scope of proscriptions that before only referred to "keeping paramours and conducting adultery"

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Even without climate change, the cats face pressures from humans

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From how Clinton phrased her answer, though, it's pretty clear that she was thinking of a voluntary buyback

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Clarkson has exhibited his athleticism during the preseason, recording double-digit-scoring nights in six of his first seven games prior to Thursday

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We love the bewtiched silhouette, and with Halloween coming up, you can easily transition this party dress into a witch or devil costume Chung also paired the look with sexy knee high laced boots

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We ask that you respect the privacy of the student's family and keep them in your thoughts and prayers."

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"I am extremely thankful for the outpouring of support I have received from the Red Sox, my family, friends, and fans throughout this process," Farrell said

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In all six games, the defense has made a sack or forced a turnover in the half of the fourth quarter or overtime to either save the game or win it

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And at the end of the day, we want to meet their needs and there is so much judgment."

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On paper, its AnTuTu benchmark score is nothing special at 51,880, which is less than the iPhone 6s (58,989) and the Galaxy S6 (58,781)

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for the points of view of all countries be they permanent or elected members to the Security Council," Venezuela's U.N

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"It's better in the capital than in rural areas where there's been a lot of fighting."

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Bardzell and her estranged boyfriend dated after meeting online three years ago

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One is arguably the greatest gymnast on the planet

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Qatar has come under significant scrutiny in recent years for its dismal human rights record and for funding terrorism

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Plugging abandoned or inactive mines has been common industry practice for more than a century

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Bergstrom said he’s had a few decent conversations on Facebook Messenger

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No one at the United States Golf Association was immediately available to comment, nor was an official with the PGA of America.

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Martin O'Malley as the only Democrats left running for the White House.

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There were one or two reports of men not behaving as Vigdis describes

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Both were rejected since they were not interesting," he told Reuters.

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(He has elaborated on this subject in a book)

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"When children aren't healthy, they can't learn as easily

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A Palestinian stabbed and moderately wounded a 70-year-old woman outside Jerusalem's central bus station, at the entrance to the city, before an officer shot him dead, a police spokeswoman said

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But easy money policies from the U.S., Europe and China could keep stocks moving higher for the rest of the year

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You were hoping, though, that predictions would be wrong and that maybe this event would be the one where some doubt would be cast on the veracity, the honesty, the integrity, the character of Mrs

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Strong flows into the emerging-market funds have accelerated this month

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Global bond investors backed off safe-haven debt in the U.S

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"The bears would look out for one particular person

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