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Nor did Bush's name come up when they blamed Obama and Hillary Clinton for the rise of violent jihadists in the Middle East.
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EARNEST: None that I’m aware of
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To focus on his presidential campaign, earlier this year Carson quit the boards of food company Kellogg Co and retailer Costco Wholesale Corp, where he had served since the 1990s
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Russia did not obstruct the making of Bolshoi Babylon, a British/HBO documentary about the dark side of the Bolshoi, and the background to the 2013 acid attack on its artistic director, Sergei Filin.
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alongside Warren Buffett for who the rule is named, Clinton said it will be necessary to ensure a fair tax system
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It has just launched the results of a new survey as part of a national ‘RED ALERT' this September
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You only have to listen to his style and interpretation, listen to his command of different languages
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Usually artificial valves or the valves of a pig are used in transplants.
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The company has issued four profit warnings in justover a year.
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The new instances are now available in a number of AWS regions, including US East (N
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I could just make out a steel propeller spinning in the distance on the end of long shaft, but it was impossible to tell exactly how the destruction was being carried out.
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"Or could provoke a spill-over contagion panic."
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Low-income people with three or more children could continue to claim a larger Earned Income Tax Credit.
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Baird, it seems, is the most bullish of all with just a small expectation for increased sales.
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Maybe it was my imagination, but the tone and volume of media coverage this week was mercifully devoid of politics
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Some analysts had expected the tensions Tuesday to flare between Trump and Cruz, as the Texas senator surpasses Trump in Iowa polls and is surging nationally
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"We need to be monitoring like a hawk and we will be monitoring like a hawk to ensure that the reforms are actually carried out
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