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Total manufacturing output, however, remained unchanged, bolstered by gains in nondurable goods particularly in the food, beverage and tobacco products category
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Pandas are famously helpless at birth: pink, hairless, blind, and about the size of a stick of butter
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Perhaps the last step in dog domestication was the migrations described in this paper, Savolainen suggests.
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It's people straying away, it's people not understanding where salvation comes from
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It is believed that Phil Jackson still would have selected Porzingis if the Knicks owned the second or third pick but that is a moot point
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Thefailure to see causes the incapacity to act.
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and South Korean authorities lure and abduct North Korean citizens, along with aiding their programs to assist defectors from the North.
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Chris Christie, and of course the one and only Donald Trump.
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She told me I might want to come and see her.
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The data includes IP addresses and routing information that the bill’s backers say could be useful in spotting or blocking computer intrusions.
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Ed Royce, chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee
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That represents a $61,900 premium on the median sales price for an existing home, according to the National Association of Realtors.
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Meanwhile 20% said they were unable to work because of their health and 82% said their physical health is limited because of their asthma
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"I think there's something about the idea that is the point where the violence and chaos of our story became so deadly and absurd on a real level that the UFO manifests that sense of absurdity.
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Detective Constable Duncan Clark from Greenwich police, said "Alozie committed a calculated and pre-planned attack
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