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That capped a week in which three of her five Democratic rivals bowed out — including Joe Biden who said he wouldn't be getting in.

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Dunham is a small town maybe 20 minutes north from Vermont

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Another golf shop owner, Miss Yang, said the regulations were stalling public interest

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Sisi, who was Mursi’s defense minister and the coup’s main instigator, was elected president in May 2014 with nearly 97 percent of the vote — he faced a single, obscure opponent

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They wanted to prove that, as secretary of state, Clinton had been derelict in providing security to the U.S

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In a separate interview with Reuters on Friday, Einhornsaid: "These approaches to investing may have made thosedeclines more severe

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Gronkowski played first base, across the diamond from Murphy at third

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National Weather Service Austin/SanAntonio Forecast Office.

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"Women used to starve in order to lose weight

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Party members think it is the beginning of the end for the Union.

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Thirteen players were still out on the course when play was abandoned for the day in fading light

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Produced by Marvel Productions, Hasbro and Sunbow Productions -- the same collaborators responsible for the high-testosterone G.I

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Sandy Alderson had already given the team a vote of confidence, pulling off a trade for veteran bats Kelly Johnson and Juan Uribe

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He wants to see lab-grown diamonds become as coveted as the rocks that have spent millions of years in the ground

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But, he said, after looking closer at the model, which included shared revenue, it seemed fair, especially to cooks who are legally not allowed to share in gratuities.

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Thesecond guitarist’s scores are not recorded in Live, nor can theycontribute to the main setlists

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Even though transport options have increased, sled dogs are still prized and prominent in this Arctic region.

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Buildings in the area reported flooding, and garbage cans were spied floating in the water

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Carter usually decides when to run, pass or kick and is pivotal to New Zealand's success

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Instead, China is seeking slower but more sustainable growth driven by consumer spending.

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At first, Hussein, Gaddafi and Assad appeared to embody a promising new era of reform

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"These are the most important elections in the history of Tunisia," he says with a broad smile

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It seems like a terrible waste - until the chief of the border police Stein Hansen takes a pair of handle bars in his bare hands, and with very little effort twists them into a u-shape.

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If a bucket is too bulky for your child, candy bags are just as popular

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But this isn’t just about Scotland

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Besides the problems with the ball, the Bills defense has also been struggling and has so far failed to play up to its high-priced expectations

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It's obvious that the PS Vita hasn't been the hit follow up to the PlayStation Portable that Sony envisioned it to be

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Nobody is above the law, and that includes the Arizona Department of Corrections," Baich said Thursday.

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22 Ford into the wall -- as Logano claimed -- and he would drive exactly the same if he had to do all over again.

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Friday morning TSU Senior Desiree Robertson was talking on the phone to a friend whose father wanted to pull her out of school after he heard what happened

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"We join with bereaved parents, families and staff colleagues to remember those whose short lives have touched ours

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Part of that could be down to genetics.

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"I remembered he was the one who broke my leg when we were in third grade, but you know, we stayed friends," he said

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It had traveled just four miles when the collision occurred

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Her heart, esophagus, and colon were much larger than is normal and the Chagas' disease appeared to be her likely cause of death

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Mr Hedges, who is now 73, said: "It would be wonderful to meet the children I photographed all those years ago and to hear their stories

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It doesn't look like that strategy is going to change any time soon

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17 and seen by Reuters on Friday, Cooperman and Einhorn said it would take time to restore investor confidence in U.S

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And while he still has a strong base in the party and is raising huge sums of money online, his momentum against Clinton seems to have stalled in the polls.

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troops to support the Kurds in their rescue mission, Carter said there was intelligence indicating that those inside the prison compound faced mass execution by their Islamic State captors.

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I knew him long, and I knew him well, not intimately

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“I called a few guys yesterday

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Butthe stratospheric costs and post-Cold War budget cuts made thatgoal unrealistic

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It’s different when Rex is on the other side

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Months later, that person contacted the scientists informing them that he had been diagnosed, making Milne correct on all 12 counts.

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