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Merck acquired the drug when it bought Schering-Plough in 2009.

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At the same time and Muslim minorities have been targeted, particularly in Rakhine state.

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“So the discovery of the Higgs was fantastic and solved a decades-old riddle and sort of our understanding of how the universe works

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He said "I've met so many wonderful people, all over the world

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Welcome to e-sports, which may now be the Korean national game

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FED RAISES RATES: As most investors anticipated, the Federal Reserve raised its main interest rate by a quarter of a point

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By doing our own things that we know we are good at

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The experts acknowledged that teenagers with mental health conditions were more likely to partake in unhealthy behaviours, such as smoking, drug abuse and a lack of exercise

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London was built by migrant cheap labour and it still goes on

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Let's reject the 'anti-human' voices that tell us to fear refugees and show this man and his family what Americans are really made of."

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boardrooms are not the only setting that remains largely white and male, which could limit the talent pool recruiters might draw from

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A second video was by Maria Gentle Whispering, the US-based woman and towel-folding expert who is the world's most popular ASMR video maker

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The macabre ritual is a bonding exercise designed to teach them to value life

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The yields on two-year Treasuries US2YT=RR climbed to 1.021 percent, the highest since April 2010 and were last at 0.9802 percent.

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So there clearly is important work that needs to be done

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For Box, usage could go up because the service will become easier to use in Salesforce

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Most transactions in Argentina are already conducted at some point between the official and black market foreign exchange rates

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The ones who were exposed to the highest level of smoke had an 18 percent higher probability of having fertility problems as well as an early menopause.

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The plan is to make the NOx emission limit 168mg per kilometre for new cars from September 2017 - compared with the current regulatory limit of 80mg/km

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1 Clemson in the Orange Bowl on New Year's Eve

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Some rushed to PS 9, which has 1,000 students, and St

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The crash occurred around 7:15 a.m., shortly after the city abruptly chose to close the country’s second-largest school district in response to an emailed threat

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It felt more like a secret meeting than a screening for the press.

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As part of this, it is also focusing on the vital role of family-centred and developmentally supportive care when it comes to looking after premature babies and their families.

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rates are expected to support the dollar, which should pressure oil prices, making oil costlier for holders of other currencies.

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He’s ready for what’s coming, though, which could potentially be his most involved role in the offense since he entered the league out of the University of Mississippi in 2012.

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A 2013 advisory to discuss the drug was abruptly canceled after the agency said it needed more time to review the company's revised application.

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"A woman always figures out the truth - always," Solo confides to Finn early in the film

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3, disappointing traders who had expected a cut to negative 0.3 percent.

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Three deals, including a US$40bn-$45bn bond take-out from ABInBev, a US$22bn financing from Teva and a rumoured US$20bn bondfrom Aetna - for its acquisition of Cigna Corp - are waiting inthe wings.

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Earlier in the day the yield hit 0.22%, its highest level since 2009.

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