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The relationship between trainer and pitcher soured after McNamee became a key witness in the Mitchell Report — former Sen
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London was built by migrant cheap labour and it still goes on
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The Hawks also beat UCLA, 84-81 in overtime, at Pauley Pavilion to begin the season and dispatched both then-No
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But Jenner was hot on his heels in those categories, as well, after becoming a transgender icon in publicly transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn
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The Maison Bonaparte in the town is now a museum
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First, individual governments of all countries involved need to ratify the treaty and agree to impose costly measures to control fossil fuel emissions
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So this is something that has been on the President’s radar screen for quite some time
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Jeb Bush and the single-digit quartet relegated to this week's undercard debate
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The star's film company is currently making a sequel to the hit animation Gnomeo and Juliet - with Johnny Depp playing a puntastic new character called Sherlock Gnomes
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meets with reporters on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, Dec
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The Mets also expect lefty Josh Edgin back from Tommy John surgery this season to compete for a spot in the bullpen
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The delay drew international criticism of the United States, including a rebuke last December from IMF managing director Christine Lagarde.
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CVS Health also said Wednesday that it had closed its acquisition of retail giant Target Corp.'s in-store pharmacies and clinics, a $1.9 billion deal it had announced in June
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"To give a really honest answer, it's going to take $60m to make this film the right way and, at the moment, the film industry has had a few flops musically - Jersey Boys, James Brown.
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We've seen many instances where food companies change their recipes, only to discover their core customers didn't want the modification
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“Well, you know it was a beautiful launch and we got launched straight into night and got on with the work
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The new feature could also help stem declines in BlackBerry's service revenue
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His mother, Brittany Buell, posted the photos of the visit to Facebook, showing a happy Jaxon sitting in the lap of a friendly Santa
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"Many respondents also lamented the lack of specialised lactation support over the weekends
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IBM isn't trying to reinvent currently working business processes to make them fit on iPads and iPhones; instead, it's figuring out which business process make sense on mobiles.
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I think there are a lot of options of what it could be
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The current government says it will sell a 25 percent stake if re-elected.
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FILE - This May 27, 2013, file photo, shows the head office and logo of Valeant Pharmaceuticals in Montreal
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The Federal Reserve is expected on Wednesday to raise the short-term interest rate that it has kept near zero for seven years
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He said "we've done a tremendous disservice to humanity" by spending more than "$4 trillion" on foreign wars.
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And he has in mind some additional steps that we believe they can and should take to support our efforts
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and other cities where police were accused of unnecessarily shooting civilians.
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It’s my understanding that at least one of these was previously scheduled, but we can get back to you on the details
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