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It shortened the time and distance required to conduct airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, compared with strikes flown from bases in the Persian Gulf area.
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My aim is that the nationwide ban will take effect in the shortest possible timeframe following consultations," he noted.
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Then we would fly south-west and circle the Chinese-controlled reef called Fiery Cross, where China appears to be building a major air and naval base
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The festival is an annual religious event held during the Hindu month of Magh, when thousands of Hindu devotees take a holy dip in the waters of the Ganges
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“Since our research is free from financial obligations, we can better focus on a positive human impact
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How many of them do you know From flu remedies to Harry Potter-inspired beverages, we highlight the weird and the wonderful brews and infusions.
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European Union countries are all members, but they act together in the WTO as the EU
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The same week, many of the first responders showed up outside McConnell's office, asking for the benefits to be added to the year-end spending bill
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The White House said there was no change in the longstanding U.S
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11, 2015 file photo, LL Cool J attends the at 2015 PaleyFest Fall TV Previews at The Paley Center for Media, in Beverly Hills, Calif
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SpaceX founder Elon Musk announced via Twitter on Thursday the commercial space company is aiming for a Dec
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In August, Trump had said he received his military and foreign policy advice by watching Sunday morning political talk shows.
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A three-judge panel of the 9th U.S
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In 2014, the gap between all male and female employees stood at 19.1%, measured by median gross hourly pay, including part-time workers and excluding overtime
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It’s obviously not going to happen, and the President has talked repeatedly about the need for a solution on the diplomatic front in the Vienna talks
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And she's at it again here, donning her gym gear while shooting to promote her nutrition range - Mini V.
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You have all these guys who are losing their opportunities to play because they didn’t succeed right away when they were young
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screening of Syrian refugees, address national security concerns and deny funding to Planned Parenthood, a target of abortion rights opponents.
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VTech's systems were reportedly vulnerable to a well-known hacking technique
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NEW YORK, Dec 16 (IFR) - Brazil's sovereign bonds and creditdefault swaps widened dramatically Wednesday after Fitchstripped the country of its investment-grade credit rating andlowered it to junk.
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The additional homes supplement will cover all properties apart from the main residence, including holiday houses, flats for their children, and investors looking to get into the buy-to-let market.
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The teen said she was waiting on a southbound platform at the Atlantic Ave.-Barclays Center train station and noticed the man staring at her.
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Even now, as the UK prepares for a more realistic and mutually beneficial relationship with Russia, the stars may be less favourably aligned
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Uda Tarrabin (R) kisses his father Suliman after arriving home following 15 years in Egypt, in the Tarrabin tribe's village near Rahat in southern Israel, December 10, 2015
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A bill that cleared the California legislature would have created a specific crime for someone who threatens to discharge a firearm on a school campus, but it was vetoed in September
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"It's unfortunately telling that he's near bottom of the polls and it seems to get votes in this primary you need to come out with the most xenophobic statements."
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Some bigger developers are capitalised again and buying land to build on while NAMA, the state-owned "bad bank", has been given the job of building 4,000 units a year until 2020.
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We heard many stories of boats sinking
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Over the last four weeks, motor gasoline product supplied averaged over 9.2 million barrels per day, up by 0.7% from the same period last year
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Nearly 10 percent of the threats closed school for at least one day.
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The pandas belong to China, and after they turn 4, Bao Bao and then Bei Bei will return to China and join the breeding program there.
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The fiercely guarded plot of "The Force Awakens," co-written and directed by J.J
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While the service banned both practices in the last five years, expanding the refuge means the prohibitions will potentially spread across an additional 98 square miles in Vermont.
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California is the largest auto market in the U.S., and its rules will be a landmark in the development of self-driving technology
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"It was one of the worst sights in my life to see the condition Nalini was in, with her entire corpse bloated and covered with worms
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There is no final agreement on any of the four topics on which Cameron asked for change in a letter to Tusk in November and officials said there will be no discussion of legal details on Thursday
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Carving out the business was expected to cost the bank about 1.5 billion pounds and has been beset by problems with separating the technology platform.

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