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"The silence of the Sahitya Akademi was a tipping point for the pain and anguish felt by many of us who are struggling to recognise the India we grew up in

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Investors have made Apple the world's most valuable company, and they've done pretty nicely in Apple stock in 2015

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This is because Tory MPs sitting in the English Grand Committee will have an effective veto on all legislation on domestic affairs.

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Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources,lawmakers expressed skepticism toward a timely passage of anyPuerto Rico legislation.

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I felt that rather than rely on” all the things I could not control, I thought it was in everybody's best interest I just try to not show up" he said.

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It no longer wears religion on its sleeves

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She warned him that she could still impose the maximum sentence of 20 years, even though his deal with the government called for less time

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It's the third holiest site of Islam

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Congress will soon have to decide whether to raise the $18.1 trillion debt limit, or face the possibility that the U.S

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Scans of patients taking a placebo show their brains switching on parts that can help control stress and pain.

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He noted that he was interested inthe pitching showdowns that have brought the Mets to the precipice of a championship.

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The star's comeback comes after three years of musical silence

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Benn has four goals in his last four games against the Panthers, while Seguin has three and three assists in his previous three

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And in only one game this year — Week 1 against Dallas has Beckham accumulated more than four targets in the final two quarters of a game

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James was out of action for two weeks last winter

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"Frequently they don't say they feel sad or hopeless but instead complain of insomnia, fatigue or body pain

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More males likely to be caucus-goers backed Sanders over Clinton, 51 percent to 39 percent.

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"I'm usually going to be crashing the rim on offense for rebounds, sealing guys under the rim

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In 2011, Unipec's oil trading volume stood at 220 milliontonnes with a total turnover of more than $170 billion, thewebsite said

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Locals and tourists were either hunkering down or trying to make last-minute escapes

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The central banklet the main benchmark rate unchanged at 13 percent at its lastmonetary policy meeting in September while cutting the banks'cash reserve ratio to 25 percent from 31 percent.

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The Hilary Clinton Theory probably has the best chance to succeed

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"It's just a really robust slate of films on the way."

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There is a degree of unfairness in the present arrangements, certainly

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So, in 2011, with financial support from WWF (Canada), local hunter Leo Ikakhik was hired as a full-time polar bear monitor

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"Terence Crawford is the HBO darling, but I will hurt him," said Jean, who is dedicating the fight to his older brother, who died two months ago

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Alphabet's shares jumped 10.5 percent to a record high of$752.50 in early trading, adding about $50 billion to its marketvalue

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There are one or two small clouds, like the decision by the Prince of Wales to stay away from the state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

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The sale of up to 38 percent of Poste Italiane is the biggest privatization in a decade in the euro zone's third-largest economy

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5, 2015, on the NewYork Stock Exchange

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"We're hoping that TSU students that have this video, have this knowledge, understand that this person put them in danger tonight, and will report what they know."

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Clinton said it was "personally painful" to be accused of ignoring security upgrades that could have saved the life of ambassador J

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He sought to deflect recent comments by fellow Republicans describing the investigation as an effort to lower Clinton's poll standings.

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If gender is a social construct, that means society has constructed a whole set off stuff that it calls "feminine" and a whole set of stuff that it calls "masculine."

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He was more somber when asked if he'd practice, simply shaking his head before being asked if that was his choice.

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Shares of Whirlpool Corp dropped 8.7 percent to$145.90 after executives said currency would subtract $2.5billion from the appliance maker's annual revenue

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“Yes, it happened, and I can see a couple of days in school detention or even a couple days out-of-school suspension

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The attack came after a Palestinian stabbed a soldier in the West Bank and was shot by troops, the military said

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Stock futures hammered out powerful gains ahead of Friday's open, boosted by tech-sector earnings reports and global currency issues

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All Murph could do was get to first base

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"They are about building and posturing forces in waysthat allow a state, if confronted, to avoid war without backingdown."

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There were repeated references in her conference speech - and in the speech of warm-up act Nicola Sturgeon - about what she will do if and when she becomes Wales' first minister.

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A Honda Motor Co spokesman in Mexico said thecompany's plant in the state of Jalisco is operating normally,and that the company will react to the storm as it advances

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"Plus living anywhere in Staten Island is cheaper than Brooklyn and Manhattan"

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Notre Dame is easier to dismiss

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Although the cold, wet landscape couldn't be more different than from the ones the migrants left behind, this Arctic road stays open, even in winter

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He announced his own reforms on Oct

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