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"We believe that the results of our study reflect the effectiveness of offering non-operative management to patients and their families in clinical practice

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The vote is also seen as a test of whether Central African Republic's much-delayed national elections can be held Dec

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The country has the highest rate of suicide in the industrialised world

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Reagan Wynn and Scott Brown said a judge has issued a "directive to apprehend" Couch or his mother, with whom he was living.

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But sometimes I feel better than others

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However, the good and also unusual news is that scientists believe they can bring back the giant tortoise species from both Floreana and Galapagos

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The 35-year-old Wambach, who helped the U.S

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He hit .284 with a .575 OPS against lefties.

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Depression after a heart attack is relatively common and those who are depressed have an increased risk of suffering another heart attack or dying

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The Row is the high end label from those Olsen twins who are themselves two of our favourite style mavens

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The Coca-Cola glass pays homage to the vintage Coke bottle shape and is designed to create smaller, longer-lasting bubbles.

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Asked if he thought his record haul of 18 was safe from Woods, the 75-year-old Nicklaus said: "Who knows I don't know whether it's safe or not

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She had hard, nobbly, tender liver swelling with a large fungating breast mass

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“These regulations will get this vital industry moving while protecting our environment and people

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But Fairphone hopes it has a real design advantage - its modular design.

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Others described being tortured while imprisoned.

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It should be able to perceive its environment to some extent and react to it."

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The glut has pushed oil prices to a seven-year low, and the oversupply is likely to continue throughout 2016, the International Energy Agency said Friday.

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But she added that the expected increase in prices was being held down by factors such as low gas prices that "we expect will diminish over time."

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Spending at restaurants and bars grew more than 8 percent compared to the year before

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Obama met with his national security team at the Pentagon on Monday, instead of the usual location in the White House Situation Room

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