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By the mid-1950s, radiologists were experimenting with mammograms, X-rays that could potentially identify even smaller breast cancers

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Local resident Jessica Borss, 34, tied a few balloons to the lamppost outside the Holder home

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Now, Bush is facing questions as to whether he has the ability to remain a viable candidate

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economy continues to function well even as the globaleconomy slows, said Adam Sarhan, chief executive of investmentadvisory firm Sarhan Capital in New York.

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The family of one of the men has told a Pakistani newspaper that he was an innocent shopkeeper and had not been a militant.

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Franklin Resources said net income fell 44 percent to $358.2 million

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The whole team went nuts.”

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After squandering his opportunity in New Orleans, Fredette was admittedly surprised last summer when he was working out in Denver and the Spurs called to offer him a half-year guaranteed contract

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And the average age of vehicles is getting older, so they'll require more maintenance

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Nor were investment trusts exceptions to the day's diving antics

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economy continues to function well even as the global economy slows, said Adam Sarhan, chief executive of investment advisory firm Sarhan Capital in New York.

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After that, every two years is fine

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Injuries can also occur during everyday activities such washing walls, hanging curtains, and gardening.

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That puts Trump ahead of most his rivals

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The next-generation components and software optimizations all vendors tout with each new model obviouslyhave an impact, but that impact fades over time as the user adjusts to his or her new phone.

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The Albuquerque Journal reported Friday (http://bit.ly/1i0vLG2 ) that the items were taken from an area that stores contaminated materials before they're shipped elsewhere

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Competing in pain with stress fractures in her leg, Wieber finished fourth in qualifying behind Douglas and Raisman

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Or, says Bernstein analyst Sara Senatore, Yum could opt to go it alone

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The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) has scaled down the number of major rallies it would hold after the attacks to merely three

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The SUV sat behind one other car at a red light at the intersection of 33rd and 8th.

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"There's probably a honeymoon period," said veteran Republican Representative Mike Simpson of Ryan's likely tenure in the House's most powerful post

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“The black hole is behind a cloak of debris that changes its appearance, but now we are able to see the inner beast,” Ramirez-Ruiz said

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The Chrysler Corporation, not baseball, donated the station wagon

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Falcon Shield doesn’t need to be at a fixed location, and different versions of the technology can be carried by an individual or a vehicle.

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Counting moles on the body is one of the ways being used by doctors to know a person’s risk for skin cancer

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"Or shall they say, 'Shall we try and see if it works?'"

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TalkTalk is one of Britain's leading phone providers

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“Your rights as an energy consumer in the EU have to be set out in the national laws of your country

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That may sound simple but there is little incentive on either side at this point and, even if there were, it is not clear that either party could deliver what is required with popular support.

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The sale of up to 38 percent of Poste Italiane is the biggest privatization in a decade in the euro zone's third-largest economy

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This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only

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You’d make it to 5 for sure.” Candice Bergen deadpanned that she’s known Thomas for “at least 70, 80 years

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3, via outside linebacker Calvin Pace: “We got some guys that can cover, but the thing is up front we got to get there

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The American debate over gun control has been stalemated for some time

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Tennessee State University is a historically black college located near the Cumberland River west of downtown Nashville

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Like I said, Michael Caine’s presence in this movie just made me feel sad

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But the actual landing of the Lunar Module was such a key — if not ...

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Tour hotspots like Puerto Vallarta are among the threatened areas that have begun evacuating

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The initial vision called for 150 stores nationwide within a few years; today, there are 50 franchises.

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The study intends to recruit as many as 11,000 patients across UK who recently had, or are undergoing treatment for one of the above cancers.

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The organization enlisted six people with Parkinson's and six without, BBC News reported

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Lois Lerner, the former director of the agency's tax-exempt division later resigned.

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After all, as tight end Larry Donnell pointed out, very few receivers can haul in a touchdown catch 50 yards downfield using only three fingers, as Beckham did so famously in 2014.

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"Nobody wants to hear about pricing getting more competitivein any kind of retail environment," analyst Megan McGrath at MKMPartners said

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Root gets off the mark with a nudge to leg-side

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There were no charges, but Ryan and other members of Johnson's family raised questions in 2012 about her death on CNBC's "American Greed" TV show about the case

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"The type of behaviour that allegedly took place is unacceptable and in no way reflects the values of Quebec provincial police."

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Sophie says that for a long time she struggled to deal with the spectre of Alzheimer's

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astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted an imposing image of the giant storm, blanketing a significant portion of the globe in white cloud, along with the message: "Stay safe below, Mexico."

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